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Wide Area Synchronous Data Acquisition, WASDA

Beyond Devices’ Wide Area Synchronous Data Acquisition System (WASDA) enables accurate synchronous signal acquisition over widely geographically dispersed sites and systems, such as power transportation, radio spectrum monitoring, different scientific applications and many others.
Accurate timing with ns timing precision, as well as precise synchronization are guaranteed through GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System (i.e. GPS). Beyond Devices' algorithms provide exceptional stability and accuracy for precision timing applications, with adjustable signal resolution and sampling frequency.
Gigabit Ethernet connections enable fast continuous or triggered data transfer to custom signal processing units for further signal analysis, or to a graphical user interface for signal presentation.
Additional firmware allows spectral analysis, I/Q decomposition and other digital signal preprocessing to minimize data transfer.
Due to a the highly specialized nature of these systems, Beyond Devices offers customization to fully exploit system capabilities.

Key system specifications:
  • Timing precision: 1us (standard), 1ns (extended)
  • Input frequency: 100 MHz – 2.2GHz (for lower frequencies, please contact us)
  • Bandwidth: 25MHz (standard)
  • Sampling frequency: 1MHz - 100MHz
  • Signal resolution: 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 14-bit
Key features:
  • Additional preprocessing DSP
  • Automatic input calibration
  • Integrated GNSS with high precision OCXO for highly accurate timing
  • Gigabit Ethernet for trigger based or continuous data transfer (depending on system parameters)
For system specifications and performance characteritics, please contact us.
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