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PureDefinition MMDS system

Beyond Devices’ PureDefinition™ MMDS enables reliable DVB-T wireless signal distribution to remote locations using point to point microwave links. The MMDS system consists of a PureDefinition™ DVB-T/H Modulator (with integrated 3 GHz frequency output hardware option*) as a distribution source and PureDefinition™ Repeaters as a far end retransmission point.
PureDefinition™ modulators enable easy conversion of signals to frequencies up to 10GHz. Combined with repeater side transcoding, noise immunity can be greatly enhanced allowing for more robust point-to-point signal distribution, and even permitting distribution where normal point-to-point links are not feasible.
Beyond Devices’ PureDefinition ™ MMDS system offers a reliable alternative to single frequency networks, based on gap-filler technology in a cost effective manner. In addition to reliable signal distribution, the system enables installation and deployment of true single frequency networks due to independent but synchronized transmission points.
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