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PureDefinition OEM Demodulator

The PureDefinition™ DVB-T/H demodulator represents a measurement grade terrestrial broadcasting receiver with leading RF performance in the most compact OEM package on the market. In addition to very high front-end sensitivity the demodulator is distinguished by highly advance processing algorithms which allow successful signal reception even in the most demanding signal propagation environments.
PureDefinition OEM Demodulator
The PureDefinition™ DVB-T/H demodulator supports all standard transmission modes and is designed to receive the broadcasting signal in every practical transmission environment including strong pre- and post- echoes, fast transmission channel variations and strong neighbouring channel interference. Combined with the DVB-T/H modulation core it represents a powerful signal regeneration system for remote area signal redistribution.
The high front-end sensitivity allows reception of very weak broadcasting signals close to the noise floor far exceeding established industrial standards. Due to its high precision signal processing techniques it can be used for accurate signal analysis in the laboratory or in the field during commissioning and field trials. In addition, the demodulator can be installed as a field probe to measure long term signal characteristics and accessed remotely via IP based networking saving costly field trips.
Key Benefits
  • Leading modulation performance in the OEM market
  • QEF reception in the most demanding signal propagation environments
  • Various data interfaces
  • Management and data streaming over IP networks
  • Single solution for VHF/UHF/L-BAND
  • On-site free integration support
  • Customization available
Key Performance Characteristics
  • Minimum signal power as low as -98 dBm
  • Measured MER up to 44 dB
  • C/N as low as 3.5 dB with QEF reception
  • Adjacent channel interference exceeding 35 dB relative to wanted signal
  • Better than 0.5Hz frequency accuracy
Key features
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Fully compliant with ETSI EN 300 744 standard
  • High front-end sensitivity
  • Gigabit Ethernet data port
  • Real-time signal quality monitoring (MER, BER, etc.)
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